Talent concept

Core concept: Human resources are the first resource for enterprise development!

Talent introduction concept: Pursue recognition of Heishan Road and Bridge culture, pay equal attention to ability and morality, and apply the harmony and unity of the current situation and future development of the enterprise.

Talent use concept: pursue a high degree of harmony and unity between employees' personal value and corporate value.

Talent development concept: Pursue the harmony and unity of enterprise talent development investment benefits and personal growth of employees.

One of the core values of Heishan Road Bridge is people-oriented, respecting the value of employees, and taking human resources as the largest resource and source of people for the company. Talent is our intangible asset, talent is the company's valuable wealth, and it is the source of the company's core competitiveness. Therefore, we regard employees as the company's valuable wealth, are willing to absorb all kinds of outstanding and potential talents, and are willing to hope that every employee can get good development in the company.