[Three-year action learning publicity and implementation column] General Secretary Xi Jinping talks about safety production and emergency management (7)

In order to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on safety production and emergency management, this column is specially opened to focus on publicity and implementation. You are invited to continue to review General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and important expositions on safety production and emergency management. Let's learn together!

Preventing and defusing major risks is the political responsibility of party committees, governments and leading cadres at all levels. Everyone must adhere to their responsibilities and responsibilities in keeping the soil, and do a solid and meticulous job in preventing and defusing major risks. It is necessary to strengthen risk awareness, constantly observe the general trend and think about the overall situation, scientifically foresee the development trend of the situation and the hidden risks and challenges, and plan ahead. To improve the ability to defuse risks, grasp the essence through complex phenomena, grasp the key points, identify the reasons, make decisive decisions, be good at guiding and organizing the masses, be good at integrating the forces of all parties, scientifically arrange troops, and deal with them effectively. Leading cadres should strengthen theoretical accomplishment, study the basic theories of Marxism in depth, learn to understand and implement the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, master the world outlook and methodology of dialectical materialism that runs through it, and improve strategic thinking, historical thinking, and dialectical thinking., innovative thinking, rule of law thinking, bottom line thinking ability, good at grasping laws from complex contradictions, constantly accumulating experience and increasing talents. It is necessary to improve the risk prevention and control mechanism, establish and improve the risk research and judgment mechanism, the decision-making threat and risk assessment mechanism, the risk prevention and control coordination mechanism, and the risk prevention and control responsibility mechanism, actively strengthen coordination and cooperation, and adhere to the first level and the implementation level.

                       - Speech at a seminar on key provincial and ministerial leading cadres adhering to bottom-line thinking and striving to prevent and defuse major risks (January 21, 2019), People's Daily, January 22, 2019