Our company successfully participated in the Indonesia/Ethiopia exhibition


Our company participated in the 18th Indonesia International Mining and Equipment Technology Exhibition and the 2017 Ethiopia Construction Machinery Exhibition from September 12 to 25, 2017.

Indonesia International Mining Exhibition is the largest international mining equipment exhibition in Asia. It is held every two years and the 18th in 2017. It will showcase the latest products and services at the Jakarta International Expo, attracting industry leaders and key buyers in the global mining industry. During the exhibition, construction Indonesia 2017 and truck Indonesia 2017 will be held concurrently. In addition, Indonesia's new mining law stipulates that raw materials and semi-processed minerals must be fully processed before export, forming a demand for new mining technologies. For companies like our company that produce mining machinery and accessories, this is a new bright spot and business opportunity, and it also helps the mining industry business in Indonesia.

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa, the gateway to East Africa, the headquarters of the African Union, and radiates the entire East African market. Over the past few years, Ethiopia's construction market has experienced unprecedented growth, mainly from the vigorous development of the country's infrastructure under the country's government, such as road construction, railway construction, energy supply and water and electricity supply. The rise of private residential and commercial real estate has also contributed to the fire. The government has formulated a 5-year development plan for the construction industry. According to the country's Growth and Transformation Plan, by 2025, the country will build a new 12,782-kilometer national road transportation network system, including 1,089 kilometers of highways, 3,934 kilometers of secondary arterial roads and 4,700 kilometers of main roads. At the same time, a regional road network system of 11,212 kilometers will be built, bringing the entire country's road network to 64,522 kilometers. In terms of railway construction, 5 new connecting lines will be built in three economic corridors, with a total planned mileage of 2,395 kilometers.

During the exhibition, many merchants participating in the exhibition expressed great interest in our company. Many customers consulted the equipment situation and production line process in detail, hoping to conduct in-depth cooperation through this opportunity. Through this exhibition, they reached a cooperation agreement with many customers. At the same time, they learned about the latest market conditions of mining machinery and opened up an international perspective, which brought new opportunities for the future development of Heishan Road and Bridge.