Comprehensive introduction of cone crusher and its application in metal mines

With the development of modern mines, there are high requirements for the technical requirements of the beneficiation and crushing process. There are many problems in the traditional crushing process. We have found through research that the cone crusher is used in metal mines with high crushing efficiency.

At present, the problems in the domestic non-ferrous mine crushing process are: the size of the crushed product is large, it is difficult to implement the principle of “multiple crushing and less grinding”, energy consumption and steel consumption are high; the crushing process is long, the number of crushing sections is large, and the crusher is required. There are a large number of belt conveyors for screens and reloading; the number of equipment and the number of working sections are large, and the number of auxiliary operation positions required is also inevitable; the height difference required for equipment configuration is large, resulting in an increase in the amount of engineering and construction work, and Drawing and process configuration create difficulties; investment costs and operating costs are high.

Therefore, the use of ultra-fine crushing equipment, replacing the mill with a crusher, to achieve "multiple crushing less grinding" is the current development trend in the field of crushing engineering. The cone crusher is one of the representative equipments that realize the energy saving and consumption reduction of “multiple crushing and less grinding” based on the “layer pulverization” mechanism. With its advanced crushing theory, unique design ideas, reasonable mechanical structure and excellent performance, the cone crusher represents the advanced level of the current world cone crusher and can meet the requirements of the new process of “multi-breaking and less grinding”.

Cone crusher comprehensive introduction

First, the cone crusher structure

The structure of the cone crusher is shown below.

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 Second, the performance characteristics

1. It has a good "layer selective cracking" effect. The machine uses a packed feed to cause forced self-grinding between the particles. The material layer prevents the lining plates of the crushing chamber from directly contacting, preventing the lining plates from grinding each other, and preventing the ground metal from contaminating the broken materials, thereby greatly reducing the consumption of the grinding body.

2. Because the material layer is pulverized, the material is not only passive cone impact crushing, but also the materials are broken each other. Not only the crushing efficiency is greatly improved, but also the wear of the lining plate is reduced and the service life is prolonged.

3. The crushing ratio is large and the product size is adjustable. By adjusting parameters such as eccentric static torque, exciter rotation speed and discharge gap, the required crushing ratio can be easily adjusted. Effectively preventing over-pulverization as needed, increasing the yield of a certain fraction or increasing the yield of the fine powder.

4. It can crush brittle materials with very large hardness. Such as diamond, silicon carbide, corundum, sintered high alumina bauxite, magnetic materials, ferromanganese, metallurgical slag, high ice nickel.

5, good "over-iron protection" performance. Since there is no rigid connection between the moving cone and the transmission mechanism, if the material is mixed with unbreakable objects, the transmission system and the main machine will not be damaged.

6, the use of secondary vibration isolation, the basic vibration is small, the work noise is small, the installation does not need a large foundation and anchor bolts, can be used as a part of the mobile selection plant, easy to operate and install.

Application in non-ferrous metal mines

1. When the GYP-300 cone crusher breaks the tungsten-molybdenum ore (hardness f=11~13, feed size is 0~25mm), the product particle size is 90% below 2mm, and if necessary, the product particle size can be controlled below 90% to 1mm. The crushing ratio is up to 25, and the discharge gap is adjusted, and the required crushing ratio can be conveniently adjusted.

2. An iron ore beneficiation plant in Anshan uses GYP-1200 cone crusher to operate well and meet production requirements. In the production application, the sampling test is repeated. When the main engine speed of the GYP-1200 cone crusher is 590r/min, the current is 250~290A, the output is 67.1~79.2t/h, and the crushing product is when the feeding granularity is -1+10mm. The content of -10 mm is above 80%, and the weighted average particle size is below 4.9 mm.

3. A GYP-900 cone crusher was selected from a gold mine in Luanchuan, Henan Province. When the excitation force was 91.5% and the discharge clearance was 38mm, the output was 48t/h. The product size of -10mm accounts for about 80%, and the weighted average particle size is 6.4mm, which greatly reduces the particle size of the ball mill, reduces the number of grinding sections and grinding time, improves the processing capacity, reduces steel consumption, and saves the crushing process unit. More than power consumption.

In summary, the use of a cone crusher to transform a metal mine selection plant can achieve open circuit crushing, reduce the grain size of the ball mill, and increase the goal of energy saving. Therefore, after the promotion and application of the machine, the technical upgrading of the metal mine will enhance the strength of the enterprise, shorten the gap between the production cost and technical equipment level of foreign enterprises as soon as possible, and improve the competitiveness of China's metal mines in the international arena. Great practical significance.