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Shandong Hysan Road&Bridge Mechanical Technology Co.Ltd.,former as Zibo Heishan Steel Casting Co.,Ltd.,was founded in 1988 by Mr.Wang Jianrong,the president of Hysan Technology.Hysan Technology is located in Zibo City,Shandong province,China.City of Zibo is a famous central place where producing broadest heavy parts and machines for industry in China.We have employees over 300,15 engineers and a strong management team.Our employees have an average of 15 years of foundry and machinery experience.So they are skilled in producing a tremendous range of castings,especially those with the most intricate core requirements.

30 years ago,Mr.Wang established the Heishan Steel Casting Company,which started the business with 18,000 square feet plant.Today,that company is Hysan Technology Inc.,a steel casting leader in the production of highly engineered carbon steel casting and steel alloy casting and a preferred supplier to many of the famous customers in agriculture,heavy equipment,energy,mining,and basic construction.Today,our physical plant encompasses 250,000 square feet under roof,and is capable of castings ranging from 100 pounds to 121,000 pounds casting weight.

In 2009,when Hysan’s foundry business was stable,the company had a strategic movement and investment in assembling heavy equipments~crushing products.So Rongda Machinery was created.Until today,Rongda has become a famous brand all over China because of the unbeatable advantages.First,every component of our crushers are manufactured in our own foundry,therefore,the quality controls are strictly implemented in every detail.Second,both the testing capacity and the machining capacity is another advantage from Hysan.

Start from 2012,after meetings and discussions,and plenty of market research,when the opportunity is mature,Hysan dccidcd to explore the oversea market bccausc we believe Hysan will supply our customers high quality,low cost products.We had the experience working with world-famous companies,such as TEREX,and other foreign companies.Hysan is confidence to become your qualified supplier based on our over 25 years working experience,high skilled inspection equipments and strict management system.

Call us today,we will provide you the most professional solutions for steel casting,and the most efficient crushing products.